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Thermal Bond Heat Seal

Heavy duty heat sealing foil, peelable; suitable for long term storage and transportation. This is a 4titude from Brooks Life Sciences product – for more information on Brooks Life Sciences visit: www.brookslifesciences.com/

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  • Heat sealing offers a 100% effective method of plate sealing, for complete seal integrity, as well as being quick and cost effective

  • Our Thermal Bond Heat Seal is a heavy duty laminate foil seal suitable for providing a very strong, but peelable seal

  • The seal is compatible with polypropylene plates to provide a high degree of sample protection

  • It demonstrates very good solvent resistance and can be used for very low temperature compound storage, in DMSO and organic solvents, and long term room temperature storage such that it is recommended as suitable for sample transportation

  • The seal can be pierced only by using a blade or using the 4titude Pierce Plate (4ti-0398)

  • The seal is available as sheets, for use with manual and semi-automated sealers, such as our 4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer

  • Also available in multiple roll formats compatible with specified automated heat sealers, such as our a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer

This is a 4titude from Brooks Life Sciences product – for more information on Brooks Life Sciences visit: www.brookslifesciences.com/

Key Features

  • Peelable
  • Seal integrity range: -200 °C to 110 °C
  • High solvent resistance
  • Autoclavable (121 °C)
  • Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and endotoxin/pyrogen


  • Recommended for PCR, including with water bath thermal cyclers
  • Seals polypropylene plates
  • Suitable for long term storage and transportation
  • Suitable for very low temperature storage


  • Sheet format: 125 x 78 mm, to fit all standard SBS footprint PCR and qPCR plates, microplates, assay and storage plates, from 12 well to 1536 well
  • Roll format: available in a variety of roll dimensions, to suit your choice of automatic heat sealing equipment
  • Non-sterile as standard; sterilization available upon request

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Part Number



roll (500 m x 78 mm, approx. 4,200 seals); 1 roll


roll (100 m x 78 mm, approx. 800 seals); 1 roll


sample roll (5 m x 78 mm); 1 sample roll


roll (300 m x 115 mm, approx. 3,700 seals); 1 roll


sample roll (5 m x 115 mm); 1 sample roll


sheets (125 x 78 mm); 100 sheets