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RNA Stabilization Tube RNA Stabilization Tube
RNA Stabilization Tube RNA Stabilization Tube

RNA Stabilization Tube

RNA Stabilization Tubes eliminate the need for cryogenic infrastructure and costly transportation of RNA on dry ice. A proprietary formulation preserves RNA at ambient temperature for ~3 years under optimal conditions to simplify your sample storage, shipping, and handling while reducing your overall shipping costs by up to 80%. The tubes provide thermal stability for RNA samples from -80°C to 76°C during transportation. RNA is protected against degradation immediately upon addition to the tubes, and the brief drying process helps prevent damage from RNA hydrolysis and oxidation.

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  • Quantitative recovery of up to 20 μg of RNA

  • ​Quality of stabilized RNA is comparable to input RNA

  • Recovery in a volume of 20 to 50 μL

  • Compatible with samples containing trace RNase activity

  • Increased stability for up to 8 hours following rehydration of dried RNA

  • Compatible with RNA from cell lines, blood, PAXgene® tubes, fresh and frozen tissue, and FFPE tissue

  • Compatible with RNA purified using standard kits and protocols (e.g. Invitrogen®, Ambion®, QIAGEN®, TRIzol®)

  • Compatible with all common storage buffers, including water, TE, EDTA, and citrate (Note: TE buffer is not recommended for samples that may be subjected to elevated temperatures during transport)

  • Use in downstream applications without further purification; does not inhibit qPCR or expression profiling

  • Thermal stability from -80°C to 76°C during transport

    • Exceeds military specifications (-60°C to 71°C)

    • Exceeds FedEx® specifications (-51°C to 60°C)

  • Store and transport at ambient temperature


Catalog # GTR5025-GW