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Peel Heat Seal Peel Heat Seal

Peel Heat Seal

Peelable heat sealing foil; suitable for low temperature storage, high temperature uses and PCR. An Azenta Life Sciences product. For more information please visit azenta.com

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  • Heat sealing offers a 100% effective method of plate sealing, for complete seal integrity, as well as being quick and cost effective

  • Our Peel Heat Seal is a laminate seal compatible with polypropylene plates
  • It can be removed from polypropylene plates by peeling, even with a plate which has been removed directly from -80 °C storage

  • Peel Heat Seal forms a complete seal to a plate enabling very low temperature uses, including very low temperature storage, and high temperature uses, such as PCR (when used with a pressurized heated lid)

  • The seal demonstrates moderate solvent resistance and can be utilized for short term compound storage at room temperature

  • The seal is available as sheets, for use with manual and semi-automated sealers, such as our Semi-Automated Sheet Heat Sealer

  • Also available in multiple roll formats compatible with specified automated heat sealers, such as our Semi-Automated Sheet Heat Sealer

An Azenta Life Sciences product. For more information please visit azenta.com

Key Features

  • Peelable from polypropylene and COC plates
  • Seal integrity range: -80 °C to 90 °C (110 °C when used with pressurized heated lid)
  • Good solvent resistance including DMSO
  • Autoclavable (121°C)
  • Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and endotoxin/pyrogen


  • Suitable for short term room temperature storage
  • Suitable for very low temperature storage


  • Sheet format: 125 x 78 mm, to fit all standard SBS footprint PCR and qPCR plates, microplates, assay and storage plates, from 12 well to 1536 well
  • Roll format: available in a variety of roll dimensions, to suit your choice of automatic heat sealing equipment
  • Non-sterile as standard; sterilization available upon request

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roll (610 m x 78 mm, approx. 5,000 seals); 1 roll


sheets (125 mm x 78 mm); 100 sheets