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Gene Synthesis Services

Why struggle with cloning when we can build genes to your specifications? Gene synthesis is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to molecular cloning for custom gene production. For a comparison of traditional cloning with GENEWIZ Custom Gene Synthesis service, please click here.

GENEWIZ can synthesize codon-optimized cDNA, gene variants, artificially designed DNA, or any other sequence for your research. Simply provide a nucleotide or amino acid sequence, and we will ship your desired gene cloned into your choice of plasmid.

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Features & Benefits

  • Full Service: Sequence design and optimization, synthesis, cloning (standard pUC57), verification by sequencing and restriction digestion, and plasmid preparation from µg to mg.
  • Expert Project Management: Your project is assigned to a GENEWIZ Project Manager. You will receive weekly project updates as your order moves towards completion. Please contact GENEWIZ Project Management with any questions.
  • Fast Turnaround Time:
    Synthetic Gene Length Standard Completion Time*
    < 1.5 kb  8-10 Business Days
    1.5 kb - 3 kb 10-12 Business Days Now Faster!
    3 kb - 5 kb 15-20 Business Days
    5 kb - 6 kb 20-25 Business Days
    6 kb - 7 kb 25-30 Business Days
    7 kb - 8 kb 30-35 Business Days
    8 kb - 10 kb 35-40 Business Days
    > 10 kb Custom quote

    *Applicable to non-complex genes
    Learn More: TurboGENE™ Expedited Gene Synthesis Services

  • Advanced Technologies: Proprietary technologies enable GENEWIZ to synthesize sequences with difficult stretches like highly repetitive, AT-rich, and GC-rich DNA. Our bioinformatics platform optimizes your desired sequences for your specific needs.
  • Consultation & Support: GENEWIZ Ph.D. scientists are available to discuss your project proposal with you. Our dedicated Project Management team tailors the order to your exact specifications, and supports you throughout the entire project. Please contact GENEWIZ Project Management with any questions.
  • Competitive Pricing: Get a no obligation quote using the online quotation form within your online account.
  • Intellectual Property Security: GENEWIZ does not claim rights or ownership of any intellectual property related to the DNA/amino acid sequences provided by our customers or the resulting synthetic genes. All intellectual properties are protected by our strict company-wide IP policy. No data or material will be released to a third party. View our policy here.

Standard Deliverables:

  • 2-5 µg (depending on vector) of lyophilized plasmid containing your desired synthetic construct
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) including restriction digest
  • Sequence trace data with alignment
  • Sequence files of synthetic gene alone and in vector

GENEWIZ Project Managers Are the Difference!

We have a track record of superior project management and a stringent quality system. GENEWIZ's experienced project managers are dedicated to ensuring your project's success. Our approach includes the assurance of milestones for each stage of the process, and clear communication to keep you well-informed.

  • Dedicated Project Managers available worldwide at GENEWIZ laboratories in New Jersey, Suzhou, and Beijing
  • Strong molecular biology background
  • Weekly project updates
  • End-to-end support

GENEWIZ Gene Synthesis Project Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GENEWIZ optimize genes?

GENEWIZ can deliver codon-optimized genes, designed to meet your exact research specifications.

Can GENEWIZ synthesize sequences with high GC content or repeats?

GENEWIZ can synthesize difficult templates, such as GC-rich sequences and sequences with repeats, using proprietary technologies. With our bioinformatics platform, GENEWIZ optimizes your gene for synthesis. We carefully review every sequence and provide a no obligation quote for every project. Each custom quote includes estimated pricing, turnaround time, service description, and analysis results.

How do I know that I am getting the correct sequence?

GENEWIZ conducts sequence verification during the gene synthesis process to ensure your synthesis product is as intended. Final plasmid constructs are clonally isolated and confirmed by Sanger DNA sequence analysis to at least single-strand depth across the synthesized insert. Purified PCR fragments are sequence verified on both strands, although verification at the fragment ends is limited to single strand depth. Subassemblies and intermediate products may be cloned and verified to contain the correct sequence, as needed. DNA sequence re-verification after scale-up DNA preparation is available as an added option to your gene synthesis order.

On completion of your synthetic gene, GENEWIZ delivers an electronic data package in parallel with your construct. The data package includes the original sequencing data files from construct verification to facilitate your independent review.

Why use GENEWIZ gene synthesis services?

Gene synthesis is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to molecular cloning for custom gene production. When compared to PCR cloning, GENEWIZ gene synthesis offers faster turnaround time for a comparable price. For a comparison of GENEWIZ custom gene synthesis services versus traditional molecular cloning, please click here.

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How To Order

  1. Request a quote by logging into your GENEWIZ account and completing the online quotation form.
  2. GENEWIZ also offers a simple Gene Synthesis Quote Request Excel form for upload and submission in your GENEWIZ account.

  3. Request a Quote

  4. GENEWIZ will contact you within one business day to answer any questions and issue your custom quote.

Need Help? Please contact GENEWIZ Project Management.

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