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DNA Sequencing Services

GENEWIZ provides reliable, award-winning Sanger DNA Sequencing services to researchers at academic, pharmaceutical, clinical, biotechnology, and government institutions. Due to our focus on excellent science and service at competitive prices, GENEWIZ is the #1 trusted partner of researchers.

We are well-equipped to handle DNA sequencing of all complexities including single tube, high-throughput, standard and solution-oriented, complex, custom, or GLP DNA sequencing projects.  Our mission is to eliminate bottlenecks, improve productivity, and advance your research progress.

Service Types

We offer three service options for submitting your sequencing order:  Pre-Mixed, Pre-Defined, and Custom.  To determine the service that is best for your samples, please see the descriptions for each service in the tabs below.

For more help choosing the right DNA sequencing service, please call GENEWIZ Technical Support at 1-877-GENEWIZ (436-3949), option 2.

  • Pre-Mixed
  • Pre-Defined
  • Custom


For sequencing plasmids or purified PCR products, this service is the most economical choice.

You provide template and your primer mixed in the same tube according to our Sample Submission Guidelines.


:  A GENEWIZ Universal Primer can be used in this service at no charge.


Choose this service if you prefer to submit template and your primer in separate tubes. A GENEWIZ scientist will mix them for you.  An additional charge applies in most cases.

For sequencing plasmids or purified PCR products, submit template and your primer in separate tubes according to our Sample Submission Guidelines.


  A GENEWIZ Universal Primer can be used in this service at no charge.


This is a full-service option for sequencing samples with unknown concentration.  Sample types include plasmids, PCR products (purified and unpurified), bacterial clones (colonies and glycerol stock), phage with circular genome (supernatant and plaque), and BAC DNA.


Custom DNA Sequencing Service

Submit template and primer separately according to our Sample Submission Guidelines.

GENEWIZ will perform the following depending on your template:

  • Measure template concentration and optimize for sequencing
  • Amplify template from clones: bacterial colonies, glycerol stock, phage plaque, or phage supernatant
  • Clean up crude PCR products containing one band using ExoSAP-IT.  When placing your order, choose "un-purified PCR product" as the DNA type and "PCR Cleanup" from the "Special Request" column

 A GENEWIZ Universal Primer can be used in this service at no charge.

Your Benefits Include

  • High Quality - DNA sequencing read lengths ~1000 bases and >500 bases Phred20.  Quality Score and Contiguous Read Length (CRL) provided in each read
  • GENEWIZ Technical Support - Available at no charge to discuss your project, troubleshoot, and answer questions 8 AM – 8 PM Eastern, Monday – Friday.  Results are posted on Saturdays for weekend workers.
  • Convenient - Contact us to locate a drop box or pick-up service near you for free shipping
  • GENEWIZ Online System - 24/7 web-based online ordering and data retrieval, with bar-coded order tracking
  • Best-in-Class Difficult Template Protocols - For hairpins and GC-rich DNA
  • Technology - Analysis using ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzers for capillary electrophoresis and fluorescent dye terminator detection
  • Free Vector Primers - GENEWIZ Universal Primers for most standard vectors

Fast Turnaround

  • Standard 24-Hour - Data reported within one business day after samples are received by GENEWIZ.
  • Same Day 7-Hour - For your rush projects.  Data reported by 5pm Eastern the same day samples are received by GENEWIZ New Jersey Laboratory before 10 AM Eastern. For more information, click here. Note that customers using our San Diego, Boston and Maryland Labs enjoy the Faster Local Service (see below).
  • Faster Local Service - Overnight service for customers near a GENEWIZ laboratory. Typically samples are picked up in the afternoon by a GENEWIZ courier, and data is reported the next morning. Please contact us for details and eligibility.

How To Order

Create an account and place orders through our LIMS system. Prepare your samples according to our submission guidelines for best results. Visit our Getting Started page for more details.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact GENEWIZ Technical Support by phone at 1-877-436-3949 option 2 or by email at dnaseq@genewiz.com.

We are here to help

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