ATAC-Seq (assay for transposase-accessible chromatin sequencing) identifies open chromatin regions and efficiently labels them for high-throughput sequencing. This technique has a higher signal-to-noise ratio and lower input requirements than similar approaches.

Our ATAC-Seq service, from library preparation to data analysis, provides an optimized approach for nuclei extraction from cryopreserved cells to ensure detailed insight into genome-wide chromatin accessibility. If you want to understand gene expression regulation at the individual-cell level in varied states and cellular processes, we also offer single-cell ATAC-Seq (scATAC-Seq).

ATAC-Seq and Multiomics Solutions


ATAC-Seq Workflow

1. Sample Preparation

Isolate and freeze cells with protocol provided by GENEWIZ

Dead Cell Removal

2. Dead Cell Removal

If low viability, live cells are enriched using a magnetic bead-based approach

Library Preparation

3. Nucleic Extraction & Library Preparation

Optimized ATAC assay produces robust signal from low inputs


4. Sequencing

Guaranteed data quality exceeds Illumina® benchmarks


5. Bioinformatics

Alignment, peak calling, and multiomic data integration

ATAC-Seq Features & Benefits

Convenient sample preparation – freeze and store cells prior to submission; fresh cells or isolated nuclei are not required

Improved data quality – higher signal-to-noise ratio compared to traditional ATAC-Seq

Flexible starting material – submit as few as 50,000 cells; dead cell removal improves samples with low viability

Single-cell analysis available using the 10x Genomics® Chromium™ platform
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ATAC-Seq Overview

Assay for transposase-accessible chromatin sequencing (ATAC-Seq) employs a hyperactive form of Tn5 transposase to identify regions of open chromatin, which are important for global epigenetic control of gene expression. Tn5 simultaneously cleaves and adds adapters to nucleosome-free regions of DNA, priming them for sequencing.


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