Logistic Options For European Customers

Here you will find all information for sample submission to GENEWIZ Europe facilities in Leipzig, Germany. We offer two convenient options for sample pick up. 

All requirements on sample preparation, DNA and primer concentration according to service type can be found in our Sample Submission Guidelines.




genewiz Collection spot - collection FREE OF CHARGE

Use the GENEWIZ Collection Spots and have your samples collected from your location free of extra charge. You can locate your nearest GENEWIZ Collection Spot once you are logged into your CLIMS account.

Request a GENEWIZ Collection Spot

Your GENEWIZ Collection Spot will be allocated to your institute once you have registered on our online order platform CLIMS. When you’re logged in your GENEWIZ Collection Spot, location and pick up times will be displayed. 

Place your Sanger sequencing Barcode order in CLIMS. Together with your Barcodes, GENEWIZ will provide you shortly with a Shipping Kit free of charge. Kits include GENEWIZ Cases for safe packing of your tubes or plates, DHL Express Flyers (yellow bags) and DHL Express prepaid return labels. You will receive a sufficient quantity of Flyers and return labels according to your order volume.

Just drop your samples (safely packed into GENEWIZ Cases within a closed and labeled DHL Express Flyer) at your GENEWIZ Collection Spot location at the time given on the letterbox, collection box or in your CLIMS account. DHL will transport them to our European Headquarter in Leipzig for sequencing

Contact us  if no GENEWIZ Collection Spot is yet available nearby or if you would like to request an alternative shipping method. There are more options to submit your sequencing samples to GENEWIZ.

For further details please use the step-by-step guides

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Book a DHL express pick up

If no GENEWIZ Collection Spot is available nearby book a DHL Express pick up by using the DHL Website. You will be provided with GENEWIZ Cases and with a DHL Express Shipping Kit free of charge including a sufficient quantity of DHL Flyers and return labels according to your order volume. Your samples will be picked up by DHL Express and transported quickly to our GENEWIZ European lab for sequencing (even if you will find a different location stated - the barcoded DHL Express return labels carry the correct address information for shipping to Leipzig lab).

Book DHL Express Pick-Up

If you need help or are not sure if DHL Express Pick Up is available at your location contact us or call 
+49 (0)341 520 122-0

For further information please use the step-by-step guide


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Send By Own Means

If no GENEWIZ Collection Spot is available nearby, you can send samples by your own means. To submit your samples to GENEWIZ, use GENEWIZ Cases to safely pack your samples or we recommend using padded envelopes. Please ship your samples to us at the following address:

GENEWIZ Germany GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 86
04158 Leipzig

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*Samples must arrive at the GENEWIZ New Jersey laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service.  Note that direct-sequencing templates are not available for our Same Day service.

Email: DNASeqUK@genewiz.com | Phone:  +01279 873 837