Requirements for sample preparation including DNA and primer concentration can be found in our Sample Submission Guidelines according to service type.

Here you will find all information on how to submit your sequencing samples to our Azenta Life Sciences, formerly GENEWIZ Europe facility in Leipzig, Germany.

For sequencing orders submitted with express delivery (blue barcode labels), choose between two convenient options free of charge:

  1. Use the Azenta dropbox allocated to your institute.
  2. Book an individual pickup at a time suitable to you and hand over your samples ready-to-ship to a DHL Express courier.

For sample submission, Azenta will provide you with a shipping kit together with your ordered Sanger sequencing barcodes according to your order volume and delivery type.

Shipping kits include:

  • Azenta Cases for safe packing of your tubes or plates
  • Azenta express shipping bags (blue recyclable paper bags or yellow DHL Flyers)
  • DHL Express prepaid return labels if required
  • Shipping instructions sent by email

For sequencing orders submitted with standard delivery (white barcode labels):

    C. Ship samples to Azenta by your own means (shipping kit not included)

A. Azenta SAMPLE dropbox

Drop your sequencing samples at a Azenta dropbox and have your samples collected from your location free of extra charge. Your Azenta dropbox will be allocated to your institute once you have registered on our online order platform CLIMS. When you’re logged into your CLIMS customer account, your dropbox location and pickup times will be displayed.

If a dropbox is not listed after logging into your CLIMS account, please submit your samples using Logistics Option B described below. Contact us if you are interested in arranging a Azenta dropbox for your institution.


If a Azenta dropbox is not available at your location, Azenta will provide you with a free of charge shipping kit plus a sufficient number of DHL Express Flyers and DHL Express prepaid return labels together with your ordered Sanger sequencing barcodes.

The shipping kit includes detailed shipping instructions on how to book an individual DHL Express pickup from the DHL Express website. Please follow the instructions and enter the waybill number provided to you to schedule a date and time for pickup of your samples.

Your samples will be picked up by DHL Express and transported quickly to our Sanger sequencing lab in Leipzig (the barcode on the DHL Express return label codes for the Leipzig facility address – regardless of location stated on the label).

If you need support or you are uncertain a DHL Express pickup is available at your location, contact us at Logistics.Europe@azenta.com or call +49 341 520 122–41.

How to submit your samples:

Order your Sanger sequencing barcodes in CLIMS before submitting your samples to Azenta using logistics option A or B. More information about the different types of barcodes, can be found on our Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing page.

Follow the shipping instructions included in the shipping kit before dropping samples at your Azenta dropbox or handing them over to a DHL Express courier. DHL Express will transport your samples to our European facilities in Leipzig for sequencing. Pickup times for your location are given in your CLIMS account, and on the Azenta dropbox or letterbox.

Sample preparation depends on which type of Azenta dropbox is available at your location:

  • DHL Express dropbox require samples packed with a DHL label "ready to ship".
  • Hosted Azenta dopbox are also processed by DHL Express, but do not require you to prepare a sample shipment. You can simply pack your samples safely in a Azenta Case and either drop your samples or hand them over to your institution’s host.

Please check your CLIMS account for further information on which type of Azenta dropbox is available at your location.

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For sequencing orders submitted with standard delivery (white barcode labels) and when no Azenta dropbox is available, you can ship your samples to Azenta by your own means. Please use Azenta Cases or padded envelopes to pack your samples safely.

Ship your samples at the following address:

Azenta Germany GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 86
04158 Leipzig


Email EU: sanger.europe@azenta.com | Phone: +49 (0)341 520 122-41

   Email UK: genomics.service.uk@azenta.com | Phone: +44 (0) 1279 873837