Custom RNA Oligos


RNA oligos are short sequences of RNA that can be customized to study gene expression by targeting and binding to mRNA (messenger RNA). GENEWIZ RNA Oligo Synthesis service is designed to equip researchers with high-quality RNA, modified RNA, and RNA/DNA chimeras fast. Choose from a wide variety of RNA structures and modifiers for your synthesis needs, so you can achieve your research goals. Every construct adheres to strict quality control testing and standards for use in a variety of applications, including gene function analysis and development of novel therapeutic strategies.


What are Custom RNA Oligos?

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) oligonucleotides (oligos) are short, single- or double-stranded synthetic RNA sequences that can serve as the starting point for many molecular biology and synthetic biology applications.

Custom RNA Synthesis Applications

Therapeutic Development: Interrogate gene function and control gene expression
Fundamental Research: Identify localization of key genes and RNA with modified RNA probes
Gene Editing: Create single guide (sgRNA) for use in CRISPR/Cas9 systems

RNA Oligo Synthesis

Choose from a comprehensive list of RNA structures and modifying groups to achieve your research goals. RNA synthesis services range from nmol to gram scale quantities of product. Contact our Ph.D. technical support team for a comprehensive list of over 200 modifications, more information, or guidance on custom synthetic needs for any research project in your lab.

RNA Structures

Chemically synthesized RNA oligos are used to control gene expression, create targeted mutations, and modify other cellular activities. RNA oligos can be requested through a Custom Oligo Synthesis Order. In your inquiry, please specify the entire sequence of each single-stranded RNA oligo needed and the final yield that you require.

RNA Modifiers

Most chemical modifications available for DNA oligos can also be incorporated onto RNA molecules as a Custom Oligo Synthesis Project. Common modifications include fluorophores and quenchers useful for in situ hybridization studies and attachment groups for pulldown assays or biomolecule conjugation. Phosphorothioate bonds between nucleosides as well as modifications at the 2’ carbon are useful for altering the Tm, conformational freedom, resistance to nucleases, and overall chemical stability of an oligo.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Syntheses: A wide variety of RNA structures, modifiers, and custom- designed oligos are available from up to 10 nmol synthetic scales
Rapid Project Completion: Lyophilized RNA oligos purified by HPLC are delivered in as little as 3 days
High Quality: Synthetic error rates <0.1% and strict ISO 9001:2015 quality control.  All modifications verified by advanced mass spectrometry
Easy Ordering: Call, email, or use Azenta’s intuitive online ordering system 24 hours/7 days a week

Feature Application: Locked Nucleic Acids (LNAs)


Locked nucleic acids (LNAs) are bicyclic nucleotide derivatives that have garnered interest in fundamental research and discovery applications. A carbon bridge is tethered between the 2’ oxygen and the 4’ carbon to lock the sugar’s conformation and prevent alternative endo or exo ring configurations.

The conformational inflexibility of the ribose moiety offers superior affinity for complimentary nucleotides and increased proteolytic resistance. These characteristics make LNA monomers ideal alternatives for RNAs as primers, probes, and therapeutic agents for in-situ hybridization detection, antisense oligos, and microRNA constructs.

Talk to an Azenta project manager to learn more.


RNA oligonucleotides are provided as a dry powder, fully lyophilized after RNase-free HPLC purification, in as few as 3 days. Below is a summary of what to expect from your order.

Oligo Type Synthesis Length Purified Synthetic Yield Turnaround Time*   Quality Control
Short RNA Oligos (including LNA) 6-70 nt 1-150 nmol In as few as 3 days

- Certificate of analysis (CoA)

- LCMS report

- HPLC report (optional)

Long RNA Oligos (including sgRNA) up to 140 nt 1.5-10 nmol In as few as 2 weeks

*Large orders may require additional turnaround time. Please contact our Ph.D. technical support team for more information about large or custom inquiries.

Technical Resources

Tech Note | High-Fidelity Production of In Vitro Transcription Plasmids with Long Poly(A) Sequences

Poly(A) tail sequences can impact the integrity of your mRNA plasmids for in vitro transcription. While longer poly(A) tails have been shown to increase their stability, tails greater than 100 bases are susceptible to truncations. Learn how the proprietary mRNA plasmid preparation protocol from Azenta can help you generate higher yields and preserve poly(A) tails of greater lengths compared to standard protocols for high-fidelity templates in our tech note.

How To Order

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