Antibody discovery plays an indispensable role in drug discovery and immunology as researchers aim to engineer and manufacture antibodies with better efficacy. The natural binding affinity and specificity of antibodies has allowed scientists to use antibodies for a wide range of applications including antibody-based drug design, screening and detection of target antigens, and other biomedical/research based applications.


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Genomics in Antibody discovery and immunology

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are a rapidly growing category of therapeutic agents due to the specificity and efficacy of these drugs, with >45 FDA-approved MAbs currently on the market.

Recombinant antibodies can be synthetically engineered to reduce immunogenicity while enhancing specificity and affinity, for increased safety and efficacy.

Antibody-based assays are widely used in basic research as well as in laboratory diagnostic testing for detection of antigens and small molecules that signify the presence of the target.

Synthetic antibody libraries provide unprecedented flexibility to design, test, and generate humanized antibodies with improved qualities as compared to natural antibodies.

With the emergence and growth of the field of immunotherapy, researchers continue to study ways of harnessing the immune response to prevent or treat diseases. Antibodies are one of the main components employed in immunotherapy.


GENEWIZ offers genomic and synthetic based services to assist you in furthering your antibody discovery research

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    Synthetic DNA

    Synthetic antibody libraries provide a wide range of library types to make customized antibodies. GENEWIZ’s Synthetic DNA Library Services offer quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and our superior customer service.

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    GLP-Compliant Confirmatory Sanger Sequencing

    Use our GLP-Compliant Sanger sequencing to confirm the heavy and light chain sequences of your monoclonal antibody-producing cell lines to support your FDA regulated cell bank release testing.

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    Plasmid DNA

    Produce scalable plasmid DNA preparations of antibody-expressing vectors for your basic or GLP-compliant research needs.

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