Amplicon Sequencing

GENEWIZ accepts pre-made amplicons or DNA fragments for next generation sequencing.  GENEWIZ commonly adds sequencing adapters directly to your amplicons for contiguous sequencing.  Alternatively, if your amplicons are large, we can fragment then perform standard DNA library preparation and sequencing.  Applications for this service include antibody library screening, natural antibody repertoire profiling, disease genotyping, CRISPR mutation analysis, screening of molecular clones, and analysis of plasmid stocks.

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Webinar: Evolution of Amplicon Sequencing-Methods and Applications

Explore popular applications of next generation sequencing based amplicon sequencing

Features & Benefits

Ultra-deep sequencing of targeted regions detects rare mutations or clones

Experience with sequencing amplicons >1kb without fragmentation

Extensive multiplexing flexibility (up to 384 samples/run) enables a more cost-effective assay

Contiguous amplicon sequencing for amplicons up to 570bp

Expert recommendation for PhiX spike-in, yielding high quality results without significantly compromising data amount

Ability to process your amplicons to remove excess primers and/or off-target products

New Service: Amplicon-EZ

NGS-based amplicon sequencing offers detection of low frequency variants, quantitative analysis of mixed populations, and scalable analysis of a large number of samples. Applications span synthetic/natural antibody repertoire screening, somatic variant analysis. genome editing clone analysis, and many more. GENEWIZ Amplicon-EZ builds on the advantages of NGS-based screening and provides a cost-effective, fast, and interactive solution for researchers.

GENEWIZ Custom Amplicon Sequencing Workflow

Extensive Quality Control is Performed at the Conclusion of Each Step of the Process
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    Project Consultation & Primer Design

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    Primer Hybridization, Extension & Ligation

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    PCR Amplification & Indexing

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    Data Generation & Anlaysis


Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts purified and unpurified amplicons, restriction digested material, fragmented DNA, and plasmids.

For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines page.


All customers receive their raw data as FASTQ files. Customizable data analysis packages are available by request.


NGS Platforms

GENEWIZ is a certified service provider for Illumina and Life Technology NGS platforms. For information on our NGS platforms as well as recommended configurations for your projects, please visit the NGS Platforms page. GENEWIZ does not guarantee data output or quality for sequencing only projects.


How To Order

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