Adventitious Agent Contamination Testing

Increasingly, next generation sequencing (NGS) is used in biosafety testing to detect the presence and identity of DNA- and RNA-based contaminants in biopharmaceuticals. In conjunction with other methods, contamination testing with NGS provides a highly sensitive solution to established biosafety problems, such as adventitious virus contamination, bacterial contamination, and validation of biologics and diagnostic assays.  GENEWIZ offers complete adventitious agent contamination testing solutions, from experimental design and sample preparation through advanced bioinformatics analysis.

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Detection of viral/bacterial contaminants during drug/vaccine manufacturing

Biologics testing to confirm identity, stability, and purity

Characterization of virus banks, virus vaccines, and cell banks

Sequencing for preclinical and clinical trial support

Validation of pharmacogenomics and companion diagnostics

Support for safety monitoring programs

Features & Benefits

Broad-range, non-targeted approach for the identification of all contaminants

Effective testing for DNA- and RNA-based contaminants

Nearly limitless sensitivity with customizable depth of coverage and stringency

Easily repeatable bioinformatics analysis of generated data as databases expand

Dedicated support from experienced scientists

Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts cell culture, purified DNA, or purified RNA for Adventitious Agent Contamination Testing projects. For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines Page.


All customers receive their raw data as FASTQ files. Customizable data analysis reports detailing the presence and identity of any contamination determined are available on request.

NGS Platforms

GENEWIZ is a certified service provider for Illumina and Life Technology NGS platforms. For information on our NGS platforms as well as recommended configurations for your projects, please visit the NGS Platforms page. GENEWIZ does not guarantee data output or quality for sequencing only projects.


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