Streamlining Sequencing Services at Core Facilities

Core research facilities across the United States are turning to Sanger sequencing expert, GENEWIZ, to help save money on core DNA sequencing through the GENEWIZ Partnership Solutions (GPS) Program. GPS enables core research facilities to focus their efforts on more advanced techniques, while GENEWIZ provides their researchers with high-quality, cost-efficient, and timely results – all with GENEWIZ’s award-winning technical support.


Save on Operational Costs

Core facilities can cut costs on operations and maintenance when they leverage GPS for their Sanger sequencing needs. GENEWIZ also offers an equipment buy-back program on qualified sequencing equipment.

Streamline Sequencing Operations

A GPS program coordinator works directly with the university to install a network of dropboxes with same-day courier pick-up making it easy for the research community to get results as soon as the next day.

Re-allocate Resources to Increase Competitiveness

With a reliable partner like GENEWIZ, a GPS program allows core facilities to re-direct personnel, lab-space, and budget to more progressive research techniques allowing them to remain technologically competitive with peer institutions.

Gain Reliable Communication and Technical Support

As the leader in Sanger sequencing, GENEWIZ prides itself in delivering quality data with fast turnaround times. Our team of Ph.D.-level technical support staff is available to troubleshoot difficult templates free of charge giving researchers peace of mind when it comes to their samples.

Cost Saving First Year Through 3 Years Through 5 Years
Core Estimated Fixed and Recurring Costs for Sanger Sequencing. $460,000 $1,150,000 $1,840,000
Core Estimated Costs for GPS $73,000 $220,000 $370,000
Savings $387,000 $930,000 $1,470,000
*Assumes the core sequences 0.5 plates/day and owns one sequencing machine.