Modified Oligo Synthesis (Oligo-Flex)

GENEWIZ Modified Oligo Synthesis (Oligo-Flex) offers customized oligos with a wide variety of modifications, at several scales, with HPLC or PAGE purification options. We offer various bases including locked nucleic acid (LNA), deoxyuridine(dU), deoxyinosine(dI) and backbone modifications. RNA oligos, oligo pools, ultra-pure options and custom-designed oligos are available through our oligo synthesis custom order form. All oligos are synthesized under GENEWIZ’s strict quality control standards.
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Features & Benefits

High Quality - Strict quality control system with low error rates
Advanced mass spectrometry QC available for oligo modification
Modified oligo synthesis at scales as low as 25 nmol (to minimize cost), or up to 1000 nmol
Tube or plate delivery formats available
Multiple purification methods available
Oligos are dried down for delivery, to maximize stability
Convenient ordering - online ordering system submits and manages your order in real-time
RNA oligos, oligo pools, ultra-pure options and custom-designed oligos available.

OLIGO Purification Options

Purification Applicable Length Advantages
Desalted Purification 5-90 nt Fast turnaround time and favorable price
PAGE Purification 21-150 nt
High purity >90%; suitable for long oligos
HPLC Purification 5-90 nt High purity >95%; suitable for modified oligos

Popular Oligo Modification Options

Category Modification 5' Mod 3' Mod Internal Mod 

Attachment Modification

 AminolinkerC6 - -
Thiol-C6 S-S  - -
Biotin -
 AminolinkerC12 - -
 BiotinTEG -
 Digoxigenin -
AminolinkerC7 - -
Thiol-C3 S-S - -
Cholesteryl - -
dTAminolinker - -
Quencher Modification BHQ1 - -
BHQ2 - -
Dabcyl - -
Eclipse - -
MGB - -
Fluorescent Dye Modification  FAM -
HEX - -
TET - -
Cy5.5 -
Texas Red -
CY3 -
CY5 -
 Modified Bases dl - -
dU - -
Phosphorothioate - -
Phosphorylation  Phosphate -

Purification method: HPLC (recommended)\ PAGE

Scale: From 25nm to 1000nM

Additional chemical modifications are available; please contact Technical Support at or 908-222-0711, option 2, for further details.

Delivery Options

Tube or plate delivery formats available
Oligos are delivered in lyophilized format


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