16S MetaVx™ Metagenomics Sequencing

Metagenomic sequencing is an important tool that often uses next generation amplicon sequencing to target specific hypervariable regions of the microbial 16S rRNA gene. This is used to identify any relative abundance calculation of bacteria and archaea present in heterogeneous samples, such as soil, marine, or gut microbiome.

16S MetaVx™ is a proprietary, patent-pending assay that improves upon current 16S metagenomics techniques with significant sensitivity and specificity. Compared side-by-side with the most commonly used 16S metagenomics assays, 16S MetaVx™ has the ability to detect more bacterial and archaeal genera with a lower limit of detection.

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Service Options

  • 16S MetaVx™ Environmental

    16S MetaVx™ Environmental analyzes the V3, V4, and V5 hypervariable regions of the 16S gene in two amplicons, one for the V3/V4 regions, and one for the V4/V5 regions. This service is designed to assay environmental samples that are not expected to have eukaryotic contamination.

  • 16S MetaVx™ Mammalian

    16S MetaVx™ Mammalian analyzes the V3 and V4 hypervariable regions of the 16S gene in one amplicon. This assay is used for samples that are expected to have eukaryotic contamination – the V5 region is removed due to high homology with the eukaryotic 18S gene.


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Example Report: 16S MetaVx™ 2.0 Enhanced Metagenomics Bioinformatics Analysis

With the addition of the new, enhanced bioinformatics analysis and report, MetaVx™ 2.0 delivers industry-leading analysis of microbiome diversity and composition. This improved report takes the tedium out of dendrogram and graph creation, allowing you to analyze your data faster. An example report is available for viewing by clicking the button below.

The enhanced report includes the following information:

  • Rank-abundance curve
  • Taxonomic classification
  • Rarefaction curve
  • Principal coordinate analysis
  • Hierarchical clustering
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Case Study

Case Study: GENEWIZ 16S MetaVx™ Metagenomics Sequencing vs Traditional 16S V4 Sequencing Approaches

A comparison of 16S MetaVx™ Environmental and a commonly used technique for next generation 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing of the V4 region was performed using the same sample. Both samples were sequenced in the same sequencing run to ensure identical experimental conditions. The data was normalized to an average of 1 Million reads/sample after sequencing.

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Features & Benefits

Higher sensitivity by increasing primer hybridization across a broad range of species, facilitating the detection of rare species populations within a heterogeneous sample

Decreased taxonomy bias provides more accurate representation of relative species abundance

Built-in primer sequence diversity eliminates need for control DNA spike-in, allocating all of the data towards your experimental samples

Cost-effective with fast turnaround times

Dedicated support from experienced GENEWIZ scientists

Complete solution from experimental design through bioinformatics

Significant expertise in metagenomics

16S MetaVx™ Sequencing Workflow

Extensive Quality Control is Performed at the Conclusion of Each Step of the Process
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    Experimental Design

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  • Target Amplification & Library Preparation

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  • Building


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  • Microbial Characterization


Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts a variety of starting materials for Metagenomics projects; most commonly purified genomic DNA and cell pellets. For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines page.



All customers receive their raw data as FASTQ files. An interactive taxonomic viewer detailing different taxa and their relative abundance in each sample is also available by request.

NGS Platforms

GENEWIZ is a certified service provider for Illumina and Life Technology NGS platforms. For information on our NGS platforms as well as recommended configurations for your projects, please visit the NGS Platforms page. GENEWIZ does not guarantee data output or quality for sequencing only projects.

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