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PCR Seal

Clear adhesive film, strong adhesive, peelable; suitable for PCR and optical applications; available as a full sheet, perforated for tearing into 8 well strips or 12 well strips, or in half plate size format. This is a 4titude from Brooks Life Sciences product – for more information on Brooks Life Sciences visit: www.brookslifesciences.com/

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  • Our PCR Seal is a durable transparent polyester film with a strong adhesive layer

  • The seal enables a high integrity and efficiently prevents sample evaporation

  • It is recommended for PCR, qPCR, and other optical applications (e.g. fluorescence or colorimetric measurements) as well as sample storage

  • The PCR Seal is also available in two flexible formats with perforated sheets, to enable tearing into 8 well and 12 well strips, respectively as well as in half plate size format to be used with our FrameStar® 192 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate

  • This allows for sealing of complete 96 well plates, but also individual or multiple Tear-A-Way™ or Break-A-Way™ strips, perfectly complementing these products

  • For all adhesive seals, the best sealing results are achieved using the hand held Adhesive Seal Roller (4ti-0502)

This is a 4titude from Brooks Life Sciences product – for more information on Brooks Life Sciences visit: www.brookslifesciences.com/

Key Features

  • Non-pierceable, please refer to our PCR Foil Seal Strong for a pierceable variant
  • Peelable
  • Seal integrity range: -20 °C to 110 °C
  • Non-sterile
  • Free from DNase, RNase, and human genomic DNA


  • Applications: PCR, qPCR
  • Removal: features adhesive-free end tabs for easy removal, will not leave a sticky residue on the plate surface following removal


  • Sheet format: 135 x 80 mm, to fit all standard SBS footprint PCR and qPCR plates, microplates, assay and storage plates
  • Perforated sheet format: 115 x 100 mm, for tearing into 8 well strips
  • Perforated sheet format: 137 x 71 mm, for tearing into 12 well strips
  • Half plate size sheet format: 70 x 80 mm, for use with half 384 well plates (FrameStar® 192 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plate)

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sheets (135 x 80 mm); 100 sheets