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Gene Synthesis Speeds Up Cloning Projects

Are you frustrated with the slow pace of your traditional cloning project? Try gene synthesis!

Compare traditional cloning with GENEWIZ's Gene Synthesis Service to see why gene synthesis is a better choice:

Traditional Cloning Gene Synthesis at GENEWIZ
Lengthy, Complex Procedure: Short, Simple Procedure:
1. Cloning strategy design
2. Primer Synthesis
3. PCR and restriction enzyme digestion
4. Gel extraction and ligation
5. Transformation and plasmid miniprep
6. Screen by enzymatic digestion
7. Sequencing reaction preparation
8. Sequence assembly analysis

Troubleshoot if any of the above steps fail
1. You provide the sequence
2. You receive the gene in your choice of vector, ready for the next experiment
Challenges: Advantages:
×  Requires a physical template
×  Can make only one or a few changes
×  Labor intensive
×  Unpredictable results
×  Troubleshooting drains your reagents and  
  No physical template needed
  Codon optimize or custom design your
  Reliable delivery by GENEWIZ Ph.D.
  Project turnaround starts from 2 weeks